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February 18th, 4 PM

Sunday ECSTATIC DANCE // DJ Pascal de Lacaze * Lucid Tribe

@ Vertigo Dance School


I recomand it with all my heart. The energy that is created there, the sense of comunity that is facilitated so authenically, heartfully and playfull is opening a space that makes you feel free to express yourself, to be yourself and to feel yourself. It is also a special celebrating of life, together as social beings that we are, and I invite you all to taste it.🍰 It is totally worth it.🥰

Silvia Gheorghe

Silvia Gheorghe

Ecstatic Dance feels like home, inner and outer. Great place to dance freely in a clean and safe space, experience amazing music, beautiful people and a community feeling that is almost impossible to achieve in a club. Always when I visit Bucharest I come back to this event because for me it´s an absolute soul enriching experience that leaves me with joyful memories. Thank you!

Teodora Demetra Rădulescu

Teodora Demetra Rădulescu

I felt the vibes of the ED community the second I entered the Hub. People were so friendly and open, that I instantly get used to them and everything felt like a place I belonged to.
The event was organised in details and I appreciate the punctuality. I loved the music, the smiles, the warmth, and I will be back to this family to share more with them.

Alexandra Moraru

Alexandra Moraru

Dancing with so many beautifull souls brings joy & hapiness in my life. I loved also meditation music parts when i succed to focus on me and my feelings! Highly recommend it! Loking forward to come back!

Sebastian Nedelcu

Sebastian Nedelcu

It deserves trying it at least once in a lifetime. Such an unique experience. It’s filled up with ups and downs, with heights and lows, with moments of peaks and valleys… Like the life itself.
So go there, live it and then leave it… It’s quite possible that you might comeback.

Valentin Dumitru

Valentin Dumitru

Ecstatic Dance este acasă pentru sufletul meu care iubește sa danseze liber și care iubește oamenii frumoși dornici de prietenie și conexiune autentice. Ecstatic Dance este locul unde ideea de comunitate bazata pe valori sănătoase își găsește sensul. Pentru mine, Ecstatic Dance înseamna bucurie, recunoștință, comunitate, iubire.

Mara Baciu

Mara Baciu

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What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance meditation on global beats and electronic dance music  
that frees the most authentic dance within you,
generating magic, unity and transformation.
No steps to learn, no judgement, no unwanted attention.
Just move however you feel good in your body.

4 hours of music, movement and community for you to feel: 

• nourished by the energy of dance

• more connected with your body and others

• reassured of your freedom and authenticity of expression

• invigorated after a complex and creative workout


What happens at Ecstatic Dance?

For Who?

You are welcome to join us regardless your experience, your physical or emotional shape. On the dance floor you will be meeting people of all ages and aptitudes who came for the wonderful benefits and nourishment of dance for the body, mind and spirit.

If you can hardly find the place or the people to go dancing with, if you think you can’t dance, if you feel your body stiff or your movements monotonous, Ecstatic Dance is the place for you. Here you can find the freedom to move as you feel like, with no pressures and especially no judgments. We are all here on our own individual process of rediscovery and learning, in an environment where we are cultivating awareness, respect and compassion.

What are we offering?


What makes this experience special?

energy exchange

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Be part of our tribe of hearts
united in liberated dance.


Since 2015, in Bucharest, on the beach and out in nature


On the dance floor
every two weeks

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We deeply care about the experience of every member of the tribe and are always eager to hear your opinions and suggestions. Whether you have questions about our events, want to provide feedback, or simply say hello, our team is here to respond.


Vertigo Dance School,Bulevardul Pipera 4e, Voluntari 077190

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