Ecstatic Dance with Cacao ⟢ Living Bliss

DJ Guest

>>> DJ INNI <<<
Bogdan Ionescu

February 18th @ 5:00 PM

@ Vertigo Dance School
B-dul Pipera nr. 4E, Voluntari

Ecstatic Dance with Cacao ⟢ Living Bliss

INNI // Bogdan Ionescu

February 18th @ 5:00 PM

@ Vertigo Dance School
B-dul Pipera nr. 4E, Voluntari


The Schedule

5: 00 pm  – Arrive, get familiar with the space, decorate your skin

6:00 pm – Welcome circle & Cacao Ritual

6:30 pm – Guided Warm-up

7:00 pm – Ecstatic Dance Journey

9:00 pm – Closing Circle

What to expect

Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance meditation that frees the most authentic dance within yourself, generating magic, unity and transformational energy. We start with simple guided warm-up exercises meant to get our bodies moving, help us feel familiar within the space and with each other and prepare us for the dance journey. 


For two hours, the DJ will create waves of slow and rapid music, guiding the dancers through different intensities. You can dance as you wish, alone or with others, big or small, lying on the floor or jumping in the air. Ecstatic Dance welcomes everyone and everything. We wish to create a safe container where you can feel free to express whatever comes up when you shake up your cells. 

For who...

You are welcome to join us regardless your experience, your physical or emotional shape. On the dance floor you will be meeting people of all ages and aptitudes who came for the wonderful benefits and nourishment of dance for the body, mind and spirit. 

If you can hardly find the place or the people to go dancing with, if you think you can’t dance, if you feel your body stiff or your movements monotonous, Ecstatic Dance is the place for you. Here you can find the freedom to move as you feel like, with no pressures and especially no judgments. We are all here on our own individual process of rediscovering ourselves, in an environment where we are cultivating awareness, respect, consent and compassion.

Energy Exchange

Transfer / Upon arrival

100 lei / participant by February 6th

120 lei / participant February 7th to 18th

You’ll find the info for the bank transfer in the registration form.
To complete your registration and book your spot you will be asked to upload the confirmation of your online payment (bank receipt or print screen).

Ecstatic Dance is an alcohol and drug free space.
Please refrain from wearing perfume,
leave your shoes and conversation outside the dance floor.
Take a refillable water bottle and clothes to change and
get ready to sweat 😉 

Read more on our FAQ page.

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