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The Story of Ecstatic Dance Bucharest

The first and largest Ecstatic Dance in Romania

How did ecstatic dance movement found its tribe in Bucharest

Born from Californian ecstatic seeds, germinated in the Black Sea sands, fertilized with international inspiration and grown into one of the largest and most active conscious dance communities in Romania.

Ecstatic Dance Bucharest came into being in the fall of 2015, from the inspiration received by Cynthia Canela from a series of revealing events related to the role that free dance, music, heart connection and community have in her life. The most notable were her first and second ecstatic dance experiences in Nevada City, California, to which she was introduced by Portal Hiro during their journey together in 2014. Those two profound experiences on the dance floor instilled in her the rather radical feeling that she will no longer be able to live without regular opportunities to dance with others wholeheartedly.


Pilot event in Vama Veche

The following summer she was on the beach in Vama Veche, dancing with the most passionate of the dancers she would meet at parties, early in the mornings, when the idea of organizing an Ecstatic Dance event appeared to her. She wished to bring together all those who love to dance freely and barefoot, without words and without using substances. The power of manifestation was great and in a short time, the seed of ecstatic dance landed as if brought by the sea, not making waves, but finding fertile soil in the hearts of a number of people.

Inspiration, free resources and support from California

The joy she felt dancing in Vama Veche confirmed to Cynthia that she was on her path and gave her the energy to start, a few months later, a series of weekly events in Bucharest, being absolutely convinced of their success. The model would be the one experienced in Nevada City, so she was keen on having all the essential elements in place: a grand hall with a parquet floor, a top quality sound system, a welcome circle, a guided warm-up, live DJ set, live sound healing, closing circle, non-religious altar and free drinking water.

All the know-how about starting and organising such events came from researching the resources generously shared online by Tyler from, who had also patiently and warmly answered by email the many questions Cynthia asked. Nothing would have been possible without the information offered freely and in such a clear and structured way by Ecstatic Dance Community NonProfit.

A powerful start: weekely events in a gorgeous dance temple

With the initial financial support from Rezan and later on the generous extended one from Arabela, the weekly Ecstatic Dance practice started in Bucharest in the most appropriate place, at the Hermitage Urban Spiritual Hub, elegantly curated by Claudia Damoc. Expectations of immediate success, born of enthusiasm for this wonderful concept proved premature. However, the first season brought much dancing and magic to over 900 participants in 27 editions, with 11 different guest DJs, 19 musicians and 15 facilitators of movement (yoga, contemporary dance, improv contact and many other practices).

International DJ Guests revelation

The second season required a more hands-on approach, a change of dance space to a more economical venue and rescheduling events every two weeks. Our host was Marius Ioniță at Good Mood, the place where the practice of ecstatic dance could continue and grow, at its own pace. That’s where, in 2017, we had our first event facilitated by an experienced ecstatic dance DJ from in the international scene and also our first cacao ceremony and shamanic drum journey, a beautiful experience that would transform our community, with DJ Alma Omega from Berlin. Her presence put us on the map of cities with regular Ecstatic Dance practice in Europe and soon we started receiving requests from DJs across the world who wanted to play here. That’s how DJ Goldmund from Amsterdam and Son of Mars from Hawaii arrived later that year.

The presence of international guests and especially the musical journeys they brought was a revelation and the catalyst for the growth of the community. We are particularly grateful for the inspiration and encouragements offerd by DJ Goldmund in his many travels to Bucharest.


Effervescent years at Hermitage Urban Spiritual Hub

After an unsuccessful experiment in another dance hall, we wanted to return home to the temple of dance, which was for us the Hermitage. For the third season, we planned one event per month, each with a special guest DJ from abroad, a formula that proved to be the most successful.

Growing with hearts 

Important growth factors during that period for Ecstatic Dance Bucharest were the marketing skills offered wholeheartedly by Ștefan Dincă as part of the team, the inspiration and skilled support brought by Alin Dinu, Jacob and Ben Neumann, as well as the friendly conditions we enjoyed in Hermitage. We organized there ceremonies and workshops for the team before the dances and the practice of face painting became regular, as well as the vegan potluck in the end, all of which helped growing the team of volunteers, the quality of our events and our community.

Some of the best ecstatic dance DJs in the world 

Between 2018 and the spring of 2020, we danced at Hermitage, Dakini Festival and in a venue by Tineretului lake with some of the best worldwide ecstatic deejays: Scott Binder, Alma Omega, Pascal de Lacaze and Vesica from Berlin, Goldmund, Yarun Dee, Martyn Zij and Esta Polyesta from Amsterdam, Arun Ji from Madrid and Hazelgurner from Barcelona, Ohreschmaus from Switzerland, Spiritito from Israel, Tikki Masala from Goa and Dragonly from the United States.

Pandemic freeze and the rise of new local deejays

The events in the winter of 2019-2020, held every three weeks, brought a record number of participants to our dance floor at Hermitage (maximum 130) and felt like a peak moment. The blow we received with the establishment of the pandemic regime was felt as strongly as sweet and wonderful was the period leading up to it. We lost the space at the Hermitage, the dance practice we shared together, the team meetings, everything that made sense, and we found ourselves in a dismal reality.

Picking it up again

It took us a few months to wake up from the shock of the pandemic and to take steps for our own mental health, organizing small dance gatherings at low volume, in spaces with locked doors and closed curtains, announced only among the closest members of our community. The time we spent on the dance floor helped us all through this time of sad remembrance and the many hugs we gave each other kept us all sane and much happier. This was the time of DJ Mystic Monkey’s early experiments that turned him into our community’s first resident deejay, one of the best things that happened to us during those times. We danced to his music on a football field, at festivals and retreats organized in the mountains.

A new great venue

Another good thing that happned was the discovery of a great new event space, Vertigo Dance School, which would fill some of the void left by the closing of the Hermitage and give us hope to once again fill the dance floor with our zest for life and movement. From the summer of 2021 we started again with monthly events and then dancing every three weeks, inviting international DJs, as well as the local deejays who were close to us in the lockdown years.

Summer outdoor events

A new chapter in Ecstatic Dance Bucharest’s story started with our first two-days event in nature, at Sol și Suflet farm, in the days prior to the summer solstice of 2021, together with DJ Yarun Dee. We were encouraged by the beautiful experiences we had co-organising  three festivals with Lumira association, in the summer of 2020 and in May 2021. Other following collaborations took the dance out from between the walls and brought it closer to the elements of nature, at the Euphonic Festival in Sita Buzăului, Soundwaves in Tuzla, Împreună de Sânziene at Buruiană Community Garden in Domnești. In July 2022 we also organized our first ecstatic dance event on the beach, in Constanța.

The summer of 2023 was the first summer in which we continued to organize events regularly, enjoying the wild beauties of Buruiană Garden, the sand in Cap Midia beach and the freshness of the mountain air at the first edition of Poama Gathering. In November we celebrated our eight anniversary and ended in December with a magical New Year’s Eve Gathering.

To be continued with you

We are inviting you to join our dances every second Sunday at Vertigo Dance School and be part of this wonderful journey that makes our lives more beautiful.


Special thanks

The list of friends and long time supporters of Ecstatic Dance Bucharest is long, but we would like to offer our gratitude and appreciation for some of the people who contributed wholeheartedly to the continuity and growth of our community. Big thanks and love to:
Alex Tudose, Cristina Adriana Gaborov, Arabela Lee, Richelyn Garcia, Ben Neumann, Tyler Blank, Jacob Goldmund, Pascal de Lacaze, Ștefan Dincă, Bogdan Ionescu, Irina Ioanițescu, Alin Dinu, Jason Gastaldo, Cătălin Munteanu, Bogdan Dincă, Sorin Spânu, Cristi Stoicescu, Cami Jecu, Mily-Ana Ion, Andreea Aron Măiastra, Andrei Dutchevici, Cristina Matei, Aurora Burlacu, Florin Neagu, Roxana Ghinea.


Our Djs


Ecstatic Dance feels like home, inner and outer. Great place to dance freely in a clean and safe space, experience amazing music, beautiful people and a community feeling that is almost impossible to achieve in a club. Always when I visit Bucharest I come back to this event because for me it´s an absolute soul enriching experience that leaves me with joyful memories. Thank you!

Teodora Demetra Rădulescu

Teodora Demetra Rădulescu

I recomand it with all my heart. The energy that is created there, the sense of comunity that is facilitated so authenically, heartfully and playfull is opening a space that makes you feel free to express yourself, to be yourself and to feel yourself. It is also a special celebrating of life, together as social beings that we are, and I invite you all to taste it.🍰 It is totally worth it.🥰

Silvia Gheorghe

Silvia Gheorghe

I felt the vibes of the ED community the second I entered the Hub. People were so friendly and open, that I instantly get used to them and everything felt like a place I belonged to.
The event was organised in details and I appreciate the punctuality. I loved the music, the smiles, the warmth, and I will be back to this family to share more with them.

Alexandra Moraru

Alexandra Moraru

It deserves trying it at least once in a lifetime. Such an unique experience. It’s filled up with ups and downs, with heights and lows, with moments of peaks and valleys… Like the life itself.
So go there, live it and then leave it… It’s quite possible that you might comeback.

Valentin Dumitru

Valentin Dumitru

Dancing with so many beautifull souls brings joy & hapiness in my life. I loved also meditation music parts when i succed to focus on me and my feelings! Highly recommend it! Loking forward to come back!

Sebastian Nedelcu

Sebastian Nedelcu

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