What is Ecstatic Dance ?

Ecstatic Dance is a form of free dance meditation that encourages you to express yourself through movement, with the support of a specially created music journey. By letting yourself dance however you feel like, with the changing rhythms of the music, you can release stress, tension or emotions that you might have been storing in your body. We provide a space where you can feel safe to embark on a journey designed to transform and get you more connected with yourself.


>> There is no right or wrong way to move <<

>> We’re dancing to feel good, not to look good <<

>> Non-judgement, we’re all on our own personal journeys, sharing the space <<

>> We are careful to respect our own and other dancer’s boundaries and personal space <<

>> We enter the dancefloor without shoes <<

>> We leave our phones and cameras at the entrance to greet the present moment <<

>> We agree not to talk on the dance floor to discover other ways to communicate  <<

>> We dance without the use of alcohol or intoxicants to experience ourselves without masks  <<

>> We come clean and without wearing perfume to respect the space we share with everyone  <<

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